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Lawn Care Business Overhead Cost Estimating

I have received several emails requesting information regarding pricing and calculating overhead cost for a lawn care business.  Thus, the following article is a brief breakdown of a way to estimate your lawn care companies actual overhead cost.  This does not take into account advertising, uniforms, insurance, etc.   Like so many individuals out there […]

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Commercial Lawn Care Maintenance And Landscaping Business Tips

Whether your planning on mowing a few yards on the side as a means to earn extra income, or your planning on becoming the next authority in your areas Green Industry, understanding the basics on how to get started is very important. Though not rocket science, there are several things that are important to consider and practice when just starting a commercial lawn care business.

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Texas Lawn Care Business Sales Tax Requirements

If you do landscaping or lawn or plant care, you should be collecting sales and use taxes. Landscaping and lawn and plant care services include any work you do to maintain or improve lawns, yards and ornamental plants and trees.

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The First Steps In Starting A Lawn Care Business

Listed within this page is a breakdown of the steps needed to start your own commercial lawn maintenance company within the State of Texas. Keep in mind that this list is always growing, and that it should be considered in no means a diffinative collection of everything that you must or should do prior to staring your lawn maintenance business. It will assist you in what steps are needed to get your new business up and running and may offer some insight on items that you may not have thought of when planning your new venture.

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Homeowner Lawn Mowing Tips

It is hard to believe that something as simple as mowing your yard can play such a major role in your lawns overall health and appearance. A properly mowed lawn is essential for maintaining a proper balance between all the key factors in a healthy looking lawn.

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