About Us
EvergreenLawns.com was originally started as a company website for our landscape business Evergreen Lawn Care and Landscaping.  The website was intended to be a local advertising medium to inform individuals living in our area about the services our company offered.  Evergreen Lawn Care and Landscaping started out as a local one-man show but quickly grew into a large primarily commercial landscaping business performing services far exceeding just mowing grass.  Taking on large landscaping projects and irrigation installations, Evergreen Lawn Care quickly grew into a million dollar a year landscaping business.

Hurricane Rita brought with her devestation to the Southeast Texas area.  The devestation caused by Hurricane Rita extended far beyond just the cosmetic and structural damages, it caused considerable economic damage as well.  Though the hurricane cleanup business was booming, the loss of employees and the lack of available new employees caused Evergreen Lawn Care and Landscaping to cease operations.

EvergreenLawns.com remained online though and throughout the years has continued to offer free advice on lawn maintenance to homeowners.  In 2007, Evergreen Lawns began to post articles and information for those individuals who were looking to start their own lawn maintenance company, and having seen both ends of the spectrum from just starting out to ending up 95% commercial the information was an immediate success.

There are other websites offering information and packages on how to start a lawn maintenance business, but they all charge.  And some charge astounding fees for this information.  I still enjoy lawn maintenance and still believe in the American Dream, and feel that the information contained within the pages of EvergreenLawns.com should remain free and informative.

We hope you find our website helpful,and the information contained within useful.  If there are any additional sections that you would like to see added to EvergreenLawns.com in the future, feel free to drop us a line and give us the details.  We are always striving to add fresh and informative content for our readers.

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