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Sod Installation Pricing Guide

This article is in no means intended to be some hard fast rule on pricing sod installation work. This is just what pricing matrix I used in my own company for sod installation work.

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Lawn Care Business Advertising Tips

This section will discuss advertising methods most commonly used in commercial lawn care businesses. Though this is just a partial list as the possibilities are almost limitless, we will try to touch on the most common methods of advertising used by new lawn care business startups.

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Irrigation Systems – A Must Have

Gone are the days when a homes landscaping was left to fend for itself. Like everything else, landscaping and plant cost have gone through the roof over the past decade, and thus our need to ensure their livelyhood and growth has never been more important.

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How To Offer Landscape Financing To Your Customers

How many times have you spent hours drawing up a landscape design customized to your clients specifications only to have them gasp when you showed them the estimate and give you that “Oh, we weren’t planning on spending that much money” routine? If your like me, it has happened to your more times than you care to admit to.

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Commercial Lawn Care Maintenance And Landscaping Business Tips

Whether your planning on mowing a few yards on the side as a means to earn extra income, or your planning on becoming the next authority in your areas Green Industry, understanding the basics on how to get started is very important. Though not rocket science, there are several things that are important to consider and practice when just starting a commercial lawn care business.

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Texas Lawn Care Business Sales Tax Requirements

If you do landscaping or lawn or plant care, you should be collecting sales and use taxes. Landscaping and lawn and plant care services include any work you do to maintain or improve lawns, yards and ornamental plants and trees.

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The First Steps In Starting A Lawn Care Business

Listed within this page is a breakdown of the steps needed to start your own commercial lawn maintenance company within the State of Texas. Keep in mind that this list is always growing, and that it should be considered in no means a diffinative collection of everything that you must or should do prior to staring your lawn maintenance business. It will assist you in what steps are needed to get your new business up and running and may offer some insight on items that you may not have thought of when planning your new venture.

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Homeowner Watering Tips

Frequency and saturation is an important key in your lawns root development. Infrequent or insufficient watering can cause the grasses roots to develop close to the top of the soil and make your lawn more susceptible to weeds. Think about it this way, if water is being applied to the top one or two inches only, then your lawn will be more apt to grow roots in these areas. Infrequent and penetrating water is recommended when your lawn needs supplemental watering. By insuring that the water is penetrating to a depth of 4-5 inches, your grasses root system should develop deeper roots and become overall healthier.

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Homeowner Sodding / Seeding Tips

Few things add more curb appeal to a residence or location than
a thick, rich, and healthy lawn. But not always does a person managed
to start out with just that. Often times, especially when dealing
with new construction, it is necessary for us to give Mother Nature
a little helping hand in establishing that beautiful turf we’re
all so proud of. Below are some helpful tips on establishing that
healthy lawn whether it’s by applying grass seed or laying
pre-grown sod.

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Homeowner Fertilizing Tips

Turf grasses as well as bedding plants require nourishment to stay healthy. Keeping a well fertilized lawn will produce a thicker turf, richer more vibrant color, and helps reduce the amount of weeds that can invade your lawn by basically smothering out the weeds before they have a chance to develop a foothold in your lawn.

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