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The Value Of Landscaping – A professionally designed and installed landscape can improve not only your homes looks but also it’s resale value. Estimates show that a properly installed landscaping can increase your homes resale value as much as 3 – 10% in some instances. Likewise, a poorly maintained lawn will not only degrade the overall look of your homes exterior, but can seriously hinder you when trying to sell your property.

There are several things to consider when it comes to landscaping. Shrubs, grasses, flowers, borders, mulch, irrigation and trees are but a few things you will need to decide upon prior to undertaking any landscape improvement project.

Irrigation Systems – Lawn sprinkler systems are becoming more and more prevelent in landscapes. The use of automatic sprinkler controllers, electric control valves, pop-up spray heads and/or the use of pop-up rotors makes keeping your landscaping or yard maintained in your absense a breeze.

Plus with America’s need to conserve our natural resources, a well maintained automatic irrigation system will not only cut down on improperly watered lawns, it prevents the unneccessary waste of one of our most precious natural resources, “Water”.




 Does Your Lawn Care Business Have You In Over Your Head?Landscaping Have You In Over Your Head?

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 For those of you who may be thinking about getting into the Green Industry, we have several tips on starting a lawn care business.  Although we learned the hard way, that doesn’t mean you have to as well.  Our Lawn Care Business Tips include:

Includes a ten thousand foot view of the first things you need to do to consider yourself officially open for business.  Things such as Assumed Name Certificates, Banking Accounts and much more.

We all hate to pay sales tax, but regrettably it is a fact of life.  I will show you the actual state law regarding sales tax and lawn care business, as well as where to register your business online.  It’s fast, convient and it’s  the law.

From door hangers to the yellow pages, there are endless possibilites to getting your name out there.  And that is what lawn care advertising is basically about.  Just getting your name stuck in the heads of the people who need your services.

Whether your a new startup company, or you’ve been in business for years.  There are some opportunities out there to be able to offer financing options for your customers.  Though you could go the long route and try to get something worked out with your local bank, I’ll pass along a trick to being able to offer your landscape customers financing options without ever passing through a banks doors.

Here you will perhaps find some useful information on pricing your lawn care, landscaping and irrigation jobs. There are several factors that go into estimating your jobs that you may not have thought about.


These are just a few of the subject we will be discussing here.  As time permits, I will be uploading additional information and tools to help make your lawn care business startup a little smoother.  Things such as sample Lawn Care Contracts, spread sheets for determining what you should be bidding on jobs and some detailed descriptions on commercial lawn care bids.




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